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5th February 2019 - Extended Capabilities on Upperton's non-GMP Pilot Plant

Upperton Pharma Solutions now has a fully commissioned 60 square metre non-GMP pilot plant, mirroring our GMP manufacturing facility. The pilot plant is equipped for three scales of spray drying:

           ProCept 4M8-Trix for batch sizes of up to 300g

           Upperton Intermediate Spray Dryer for batch sizes of up to 1kg

           GEA Niro Mobile Minor for batch sizes of up to 3kg

In addition, the pilot plant has all of the powder handling and processing capabilities offered in our GMP manufacturing facility, for downstream processing of spray dried powders into final dosage forms.

Formulations and processes optimised in our R&D laboratories can be quickly scaled up to produce non-GMP material for toxicology and stability studies and CMC batches. The mirroring of our GMP capability enables a rapid seamless transfer of processes into clinical manufacture, along with all of the expertise and formulation-specific know-how built up during the development stages.

22nd January 2019 - Successful completion of EU Horizon 2020 Grant MACIVIVA

In 2014, Upperton Pharma Solutions was awarded a prestigious Horizon 2020 grant as part of a European consortium led by Mymetics, a pioneering company at the forefront of the development of virosome-based vaccines.

The MACIVIVA goal was to develop dry powder, thermostable, cold-chain independent virosomal vaccine formulations for non-invasive needle-free administration. Such solid form vaccines should reduce the cost and improve safety and compliance in National Immunisation Programs, particularly in the developing world.

The Upperton formulation development team successfully developed spray dried formulations of HIV virosomal vaccines for both oral and nasal delivery routes. The optimised processes were scaled up and transferred into the company’s GMP clean room facility, where batches of both the Oral and the Nasal formulation were manufactured.

Upperton’s spray dried Virosomal Vaccine formulations:

  • Retained virosome structure and particle size on spray drying
  • Preserved antigenicity in the final solid vaccine forms
  • Retained the initial vaccine immunogenicity after storage for three months at 40°C / 75%RH
  • Both nasal and oral formulations were successfully dosed in animal models
  • The immunogenicity of the nasal solid vaccine form was comparable to subcutaneous injection of the reference liquid vaccine

Participation in the MACIVIVA project has enabled Upperton to expand their technical capabilities to include GMP manufacture of solid form virosomal vaccines.

Successful Completion of N2 Business Growth Grant

In October 2017, Upperton was delighted to be awarded grant funding by the Nottinghamshire-based N2 Business Growth Fund to support investment into a capital project leading to business growth and the creation of new sustainable jobs. Upperton used the funds to support the establishment of a GMP clinical manufacturing capability at its Nottingham site.

The success of the project was easily measured: In November 2018 Upperton Pharma Solutions’ manufacturing facilities passed inspection by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency. The MHRA licence allows the company to develop pharmaceutical formulations for oral, nasal and pulmonary delivery right through from early feasibility studies to scale up and Phase I & II clinical manufacture, all from its Nottingham Science and Technology Park site.

8th January 2019 - MHRA Inspection success for Nottingham’s Upperton Pharma Solutions

Upperton Pharma Solutions’ new pharmaceutical spray drying manufacturing facilities at Nottingham Science and Technology Park have successfully passed inspection by the UK Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

A pharmaceutical spray drying contract development and manufacturing organisation (CDMO), Upperton Pharma Solutions moved to its new facilities on Nottingham Science and Technology Park from its previous headquarters at BioCity Nottingham in March 2018, as part of a planned expansion of its services.

The company has invested heavily in the new facilities both in terms of building enhancements and in the expansion of its processing and analytical capabilities.

The successful MHRA inspection provides Upperton Pharma Solutions with the necessary MHRA licenses for manufacture, downstream processing into capsules and tablets, as well as release of spray dried formulations of Biotherapeutics and small molecule APIs for clinical trials.

The company is now able to develop pharmaceutical formulations for oral, nasal and pulmonary delivery from early feasibility studies to Phase I & II clinical manufacture, from its Nottingham Science and Technology Park site.

Richard Johnson, CEO and Founder of Upperton Pharma Solutions, said: “We are absolutely delighted with the expansion of our capabilities in GMP clinical manufacturing and look forward to seeing our clients’ projects progress within Upperton, from early formulation development studies right through to clinical manufacture.”

“The positive endorsement by the MHRA will enable a seamless transition from R&D to GMP manufacture within the organisation, ensuring that all of the project-specific knowledge and expertise developed in R&D will flow through to the GMP manufacturing processes.”

Paul Kelsall, Director of Clinical Trials Manufacturing commented: “This is a great opportunity for our business and is a result of our team’s commitment to achieve the targets and aspirations of our business. We are looking forward to working with our clients and offering services from early stage development through to clinical manufacture. These are exciting times for Upperton as we continue to move forward and expand our capabilities.”

To learn more visit our GMP page .

About Upperton Pharma Solutions: At a time when the global CDMO market place is consolidating, Upperton Pharma Solutions remains as one of the few independent CDMO service providers with a specific focus on developing pharmaceutical dosage forms using its specialised spray drying capabilities. Upperton provides a range of integrated services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors around the world. The services include: early feasibility studies, formulation development for both small molecule APIs and Biotherapeutics for a range of final dosage forms and GMP manufacture of materials for Phase I & II clinical trials. Full analytical support, including ICH stability studies, is offered.

The company is a privately-owned organisation that has grown organically over almost 20 years and now employs 24 highly skilled personnel. Upperton Pharma Solutions has its headquarters in Nottingham, UK.


Klara Fisken

Business Development Associate

Upperton Pharma Solutions, Albert Einstein Centre, Nottingham Science & Technology Park
Nottingham NG7 2TN
T: +44 (0) 115 855 7050 (Monday to Friday 8.30am – 4.30pm)

E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

W: www.upperton.com

2nd November 2018 - Upperton Exhibits at AAPS PharmSci360

Upperton Pharma Solutions will be exhibiting at AAPS PharmSci360 for the first time, with this year’s event running from November 5th – 7th in Washington, D.C.

·         CEO & Founder Dr Richard Johnson and Business Development Executive Annette Kleiser will be available at booth 1643 to discuss how Upperton can support your development programme from early feasibility to clinical trials manufacturing

·         Richard will also be presenting a scientific poster titled “Developing Cold Chain Independent Vaccines - Spray-drying of Virosomes to Produce Dry Powder Formulations”, on Tuesday 6th November

·         This presentation will be based on the work of the MACIVIVA project which has the end goal of producing pioneering virosome-based vaccines against life threatening dise ases

Find Richard at Booth 1643 or arrange a meeting by contacting us.

26 September 2018 - Upperton Welcomes New Staff

Through extending our capabilities Upperton’s family have grown from three members of  staff four years ago, to twenty-one staff this year. The latest staff updates are:

·         Paul Kelsall, Director of Clinical Trials Manufacturing

Bringing experience in both sterile and non-sterile manufacturing, formulation development and facilities management. Paul formerly worked for Boots, Reckitt Benkiser, Nova Laboratories and Aesica.

·         Sarah Bayliss, Director of Quality & Compliance

Experience of implementing, maintaining and remediating quality management systems. Sarah joins us from Aesica.

·         Thomas Williams, Head of Clinical Manufacturing

Experience in developing and manufacturing investigational medicinal products for Phase I and II clinical trials. Thomas joins us from Quotient Sciences.

·         Rebecca Gray, Senior QC Analyst

Experience in QC testing, early formulation development analysis and analytical method qualification. Rebecca joins us from Quotient Sciences.

·         Klara Fisken, Business Development Associate

Klara joins us from the University of Nottingham, where she has just completed an MSc in Biopharmaceutical Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship.

·         Ella Rose, Junior Project Scientist

Ella joins us from Nottingham Trent University as a year long placement student, where she is currently studying towards a BSc in Chemistry.

19th September 2018 - Extended Pilot Plant Capabilities


Our newly expanded Pilot Plant has enabled us to provide our customers with a seamless transfer of processes from laboratory to clinical trials manufacture. In particular we offer three scales of spray dryer, all of which can also be operated in our GMP plant. Spray dryers in our pilot plant include:

·         ProCepT 4M8-TriX spray dryer

·         Intermediate spray dryer (Upperton design)

·         Niro Mobile Minor

These spray driers can spray dry a range of batch sizes (from 10mg to 3kg), allowing Upperton to conduct feasibility studies at scale to enable rapid transfer and reduce risk on scale up.


30th August 2018 - Successful First Batches from Upperton Clinical Manufacturing Plant


Successful First Batches from Upperton Clinical Manufacturing Plant

Upperton has successfully produced its first batches of product from its clinical manufacturing plant during August.

The inaugural batches were:

·         Spray dried from solutions containing a range of excipients.

·         Spray dried powder was both filled into capsules and tableted.

·         Analytical tests including particle sizing, hardness and dissolution testing were performed.

The Upperton GMP manufacturing team were delighted to successfully complete these initial batches and now look forward to further work for an expanding customer base. To initiate discussions and learn more contact Upperton.



6th July 2018 - Upperton adds Mass Spectroscopy to its analytical capabilities

Upperton adds Mass Spectroscopy to its analytical capabilities

Upperton Pharma Solutions has now completed the installation and commissioning of its Agilent 1100 series LC/MSD (Liquid Chromatography mass selective detector) with ESI (Electrospray ionisation). The new capability will allow Upperton to offer clients molecular mass analysis, useful for assessing purity and detecting API decomposition or modification during formulation processing.

Contact Upperton and discuss how we can use this technique to characterise your API before, during and after formulation and dosage form development

1st June 2018 - 9th International GI-Targeting Seminar

Upperton will be attending the 9th International GI-Targeting Seminar hosted by Evonik in Darmstadt, Germany This 2-days seminar takes place between June 6-7, 2018 and offers attendees hands-on practical sessions in the Evonik laboratories.

21st May 2018 - APS Regulatory Essentials Conference

Upperton Pharma Solutions we will be attending the APS Regulatory Essentials Conference in Loughborough 22nd-23rd May. If you are there, talk to us about your GMP Spray drying requirements

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