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Upperton installs Quantos Micro-dosing system for capsule and device filling

Nottingham, UK – 18th November, 2016 —Upperton is pleased to announce that it has acquired a Quantos MicroDosing unit that can be used to precisely fill a range of dosage forms including capsules, and devices for inhaled and nasal drug delivery. The new Quantos system is capable of dosing to an accuracy of ± 0.5mg, independent of substance characteristics, operator or environmental conditions. The system learns the characteristics of a product, with an RFID chip present in the dosing head storing all the key information on the substance used, including batch number and powder characteristics. Actual fill weights of each individual capsule or device are captured electronically and can be printed if required.

The new filling device can be operated both in a conventional laboratory environment or for clinical manufacturing (including low-humidity or fully enclosed environments), maintaining the ability to fill accurately whilst overcoming any issues related to technology transfer from research into the cGMP environment.

The Quantos QB1 automated powder dosing system c is an ideal solution for capsule and device filling and Upperton is already using the machine to fill nasal devices for its vaccine formulations being developed in its Horizon 2020 programme.

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