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ProCepT Spray dryer

A new 4M8-Trix ProCepT spray dryer has been delivered and is now being commissioned at Upperton. It brings the number of spray dryers that we have in our laboratory and pilot plant to eleven.

The ProCepT spray dryer will enable Upperton to enhance its capabilities, key features of this new spray dryer include:

  • High process yields (>90%) from 1ml (10 mg) to 24 litre processing (8 hours)
  • Wide range of particle sizes from 1-150┬Ám
  • PC control with real-time trending and excel date reporting, collecting key processing variables such as temperatures and pressures
  • Suitable for working with either water and organic solvents (spray drying under inert atmospheres such as nitrogen)
  • Conversion to spray chilling or congealing enabling processing of waxes, polymers, carbohydrates
  • Unit can be used for pre-clinical and clinical applications

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