Bio Innovation Virtual Conference

Upperton will be attending at the Bio Innovation Virtual Conference from Monday 5th to Tuesday 6th October (UTC-5)

We are looking forward to meeting both new and existing clients. So if you have an API which requires formulation development or clinical manufacture, please contact us to book an appointment or alternatively to talk to Upperton’s Marketing & Communication Officer, Klara Fisken.

Upperton Team

Klara Fisken
Marketing & Communications Officer

Klara Fisken joined Upperton in 2018 after completing an MSc in Applied Biopharmaceutical, Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship from the University of Nottingham. As a Marketing Manager Klara is responsible for all activities related to Upperton’s marketing, branding, online presence and communication and also has a client facing role in supporting business development strategies. Whilst working at Upperton, Klara has gained front line experience and knowledge about the drug development pathway from early feasibility studies through to clinical manufacture. Klara has also gained first hand insight into the operational aspects of the pharmaceutical development industry and developed a thorough understanding of Upperton’s technical capabilities, strengths and credentials.

Recent News at Upperton

Upperton have been investing in new equipment to enhance our capabilities in manufacturing final dosage forms. Our recent investments have included a Microfluidizer LM10 allowing for a homogenisation step prior to spray drying a solution containing API. 

In 2019, Upperton acquired a new cutting edge tablet press, Futorque X by KG-Pharma which can produce up to 130,000 tablets per hour or supporting DoE and research studies with minimal material. The O Hara LC M5 coater was also purchased in 2019; film coating is a key process offering a wide range of drug delivery benefits including: taste/odour masking, stability protection, modification of release profiles, ease of administration and product identification. Upperton will follow these investments through the purchase of further tabletting equipment.

The new service UpperSolv was launched in late 2019. UpperSolv™ is a signposted pathway to rapid, tailored screening of small quantities of API, the manufacture of prototype formulations using a range of scalable enabling technologies and comparison of the biopharmaceutical performance via a PK assessment.

The Bio Innovation Virtual Conference

The Bio Innovation Virtual Conference is organised by Maryland Life Sciences, a division of the Maryland Tech Council; to showcase Maryland’s innovation and success in the life sciences industry. This virtual event offers an opportunity to reach industry leaders and decision makers across the Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology sectors, demonstrating how products and services lead to a healthier tomorrow.