Clinical Manufacturing

Clinical Supplies Manufactured with Compliance and Quality

Come to Upperton for a responsive, flexible and dynamic approach to GMP manufacturing. From first in human (FIH) through to phase III clinical supplies manufacturing. No project is too small or too challenging.

In our MHRA approved facility, we offer manufacturing and packaging of Investigational Medicinal Product (IMP) in dosage forms including oral solid dosage forms, bulk dry powders, dry powder inhalers, nasal suspensions and solutions; for both biological molecules and traditional small molecules. Placebo development and manufacture are also offered.

Each project is unique, requiring the time to understand our clients and their needs. Using our science and quality led approach, our formulators and analytical chemists develop suitable formulations, manufacturing methods and process control parameters that are essential for the project. At the start of the collaboration, an experienced Project Manager will be assigned, who will be your main point of contact during the project. Communication is key.

A flexible clinical supplies manufacturing space enables us to work with small to medium sized batches, with the ability to configure a project plan with clients to provide the precise service required. Our Clinical Trial Manufacturing is supported by a non-GMP pilot plant which mirrors the GMP equipment and capability; providing a direct correlation when transferring and scaling up processes.

Clinical Trial Manufacturing (CTM) is performed in accordance with cGMP and is released by a Qualified Person (QP). Services are characterised by high quality and a timely delivery.

Pre-formulation Studies

Upperton’s formulation development team will confidently guide you on the best route forward.

Formulation Development

Utilise our expertise and know-how to solve problems unique to your challenging molecule.

Oral Dosage Forms

Development of oral dosage forms containing spray dried powders. Including tablets, capsules, sachets and vials.

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