The technical expertise and scientific staff to make your development a reality

Our Formulation work is driven by our expertise

Upperton have the technical expertise to help make your development a reality. With highly experienced  scientific staff which utilise spray drying and analytical techniques to develop dry dosage forms, such as sachets of dry powders, tablets, capsules, nasal and pulmonary delivery.

Our ability to recruit and retain good scientists; along with our knowledge around our core technology, spray drying has enabled us to build up trust with our customers.  

We have been successfully developing spray dried formulations for our customers for more than twenty years. Our experience spans a vast range of therapeutics from small molecule API’s to even the most sensitive and complex biologicals.

We have extensive experience and know-how in the development of oral dosage forms containing spray dried powders. Tablets and capsules are the most common dry powder dosage form. However, other dosage forms such as sachets (bulk powders), vials (for reconstitution) have also be developed by the Upperton team.

There is interest in delivering molecules via devices (inhalation and nasal). Use our knowledge to engineer particles containing your drug with optimal aerodynamic properties tailored to the delivery device.

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