Formulation Development

Dosage Forms Designed to Deliver

At Upperton, we have extensive experience taking research projects from early proof of concept and feasibility through scale up and onto clinical manufacture for a range of common dosage forms. Our team can manage the complexity of your project with a creative application of science, knowledge and experience to  help you find the best solution to take your project to first-in-human (FIH) studies and beyond. We’re flexible, fast and affordable; with the ability to start a project within 2 to 4 weeks.

Upperton have developed a number of in-house rapid screening protocols, which include UpperSolv and PulmoCraft.

Using our science led approach, and working closely with the client at all stages, we start the development process by defining the project aims and understanding your target product profile.

Early on, we undertake pre-formulation activities, including characterising the active ingredient. Our experienced formulators then select excipients to develop the target dosage form. At all stages, we consider the suitability of the formulation, process for scale-up and ultimate commercialisation. Stability studies are a fundamental component of development work, with extensive analytical techniques available to characterise produced powders and dosage forms.

Once a suitable formulation has been developed, we will work to get the process to the target scale in our pilot plant which contains equipment that mirrors our GMP facility; providing confidence in the process before committing to clinical manufacture.

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Formulation development at Upperton covers modified release such as modifying the PK or sustained release, targeted delivery by choice of polymers, oral delivery through tablets and capsules and inhalation including nasal and pulmonary delivery
Pre-formulation Studies

Upperton’s formulation development team will confidently guide you on the best route forward.

Clinical Manufacturing

FIH through to phase II clinical manufacturing. No project is too small or too challenging.

Analytical Techniques

Comprehensive analysis to ensure drug has optimal delivery properties and stability profile.

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