Pre-formulation Studies

Formulation development has many challenges. Contact us with your product development needs for an informal discussion.

Upperton’s talented R&D team have a breadth of experience and will confidently guide you on the best route forward for your pharmaceutical development program, by offering early stage feasibility studies.

From sensitive Biologics to poorly soluble small molecule APIs, we have experience of developing successful spray dried formulations for a range of dosage forms.

Our skilled team are able to quickly evaluate the feasibility of spray drying to solve some of the pharmaceutical industries most pressing challenges. Upperton’s science led approach means we can do this with small amounts of material with a rapid turnaround of a couple of days.

Feasibility studies at Upperton incorporate: solvent screening, spray drying SDDs (spray dried dispersions) and characterisation of both SDDs and API (active pharmaceutical ingredient).  

Applications of Spray Drying

By Spray Drying an API in aqueous or solvent alongside excipients as required, Upperton can improve the bioavailability by producing spray dried dispersions (SDDs), particle engineering which is ideal for pulmonary and nasal delivery and stabilisation of biologicals offering a viable, more cost effective alternative to lyophilisation

Bioavailability enhancement for poorly soluble drugs

Many new molecules entering the drug pipeline have poor solubility leading to problems such as poor or variable bioavailability. Using techniques such as spray drying & micronisation, our team can prepare stable amorphous drug forms on the milligram scale for evaluation in vitro and in preclinical studies. With the right matrix to stabilise the amorphous form, spray drying or micronisation are proven techniques able to greatly increase oral bioavailability of poorly soluble APIs.

Developing a strong understanding early in drug development is key to preventing common reasons for failure and producing enabling formulations to maximise outcomes. Our early formulation platform UpperSolv allows rapid, tailored screening of small quantities of API against a range of excipients. 

Stabilisation of biologics

There is an ever increasing number of biotherapeutic entities currently entering the development pathway. These complex molecules range from small peptides to much larger proteins, mAbs and vaccines. They all share the same properties in that they provide highly specific, targeted therapies for a range of clinical conditions.

Traditionally freeze-drying (lyophilisation) is the method of choice for stabilisation of these sensitive molecules. Now more and more of our customers see spray drying as a more cost effective alternative with the added benefits of speed and scalability.

The Upperton team have worked on many biologic projects and in doing so they have a deep understanding of the challenges associated with the handling, formulation and analysis of these highly complex molecules.

Particle engineering

Delivery of therapeutic entities using dry powder devices is generating increasing interest in both the pharmaceutical and more recently the biotechnology industry. Particle size  specifications for inhaled and nasal drug delivery are well defined to ensure efficient and safe delivery to the site of action.

For successful pulmonary delivery, particles tend to be small and must have the right aerodynamic properties needed to reach the deep lung. Spray drying is a well-established technique for produce particles that meet this specification, generating excellent fine particle fraction and respirable dose. Upperton have devised a solution for scale-up, called PulmoCraft which allows us to efficiently manufacture and collect small particles for dry powder inhalers.

Larger particles are required for nasal delivery to ensure the particles deposit in the nasal cavity and are not inhaled.  The particle size can be readily tuned using spray drying to ensure the specified particle sizes and size distributions are met.

Formulation Development

Utilise our expertise and know-how to solve problems unique to your challenging molecule.

Clinical Manufacturing

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Spray Drying

Developing spray dried formulations spanning a vast range of therapeutics from small molecules to biologicals.

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